Réussir sa création d’entreprise aux US : les questions à se poser et les premiers choix à faire.

Jeudi 17 décembre 2020 de 10h00 à 11h00 sur inscription

Vous vous demandez si créer votre business est la bonne solution pour réaliser votre projet aux USA ? Vous ne savez pas bien par où commencer ni si cela vaut le coup ?

Venez échanger jeudi 17 décembre de 10h à 11h00 sur Zoom avec Pascale Brady, The Challenge Coach ©, lors d’une conférence sur la création d’entreprise. Pascale partagera avec vous son expérience personnelle, des conseils et des informations pratiques sur la création d’entreprise.
Inscrivez-vous ici : https://www.washingtonaccueil.org/Conference-du-JNC-La-creation-d-entreprise

Our speaker
Pascale Brady (CPCC, PCC, MBA), founder and President of Global Life Coaching LLC, is The Challenge Coach ©.
Pascale is a life and business coach, a consultant and a trainer/speaker with 30 years of professional experience, both in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur.
As a Business Coach and Consultant, she guides executives and managers individually or as part of groups or teams to successfully master their challenges and effectively resolve problems. As a Life Coach, Pascale empowers individuals, couples, and groups to overcome challenges in life or at work, specializing in those related to transitions and relationships. As a Mentor Coach, Pascale supports coaches in training toward attainment of their (next) coaching credential.
After 12 years in the corporate world as an international sales and marketing executive, Pascale was certified as a coach in 2005. She is working in partnership as : expat coach and trainer with Net Expat, parenting educator and coach with PEP and Positive Discipline, leadership and executive coach at Sequence Counseling, mentor coach with the ICF and Reciprocoach, management consultant with le jour porte conseil and Entuziasmo in France, faculty at Adler University in Toronto, Canada and trainer at Airbus US.