Comment rester jeune pendant 80 ans ?

Vendredi 9 avril 2021 de 13h00 à 14h00 sur inscription

Vous pensez certainement que rester jeune pendant 80 ans est quelque chose d’impossible. Et bien détrompez vous ! Les études sont claires, nous vivons de plus en plus vieux grâce aux progrès de la médecine. D’où l’importance de bien préparer sa vieillesse. Alors, quelles sont les bonnes habitudes de vie à avoir pour bien vieillir ? Comment vivre plus longtemps ?

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Presentation du Dr. Delamarre

Dr. Delamarre grew up in the suburbs of Paris, in France. She is a graduate of the Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic located in Toulouse, a city in the southwest of France. She was very studious in school and a popular chiropractor during her internship. Being fluent in French, she is able to communicate with her patients in French as well as in English and a little in Dutch. Her French education makes her chiropractic approach unique and makes a big improvement in the lives of her patients.
“Helping people is the meaning I gave to my life.”
She has always been passionate about medicine and more specifically about manual therapies. As chiropractic care was a profession completely unknown in France, it was by chance that she discovered chiropractic during her teenage years. So, she realized that this profession fulfilled her desire to help people.
“My most beautiful gift is to see the happiness of my patient in their eyes and to satisfy them. It is amazing to see patients patient archive wellness, move without pain and enjoy life again !!” She understands every patient is unique so, she creates a warm and personalized atmosphere to every patient.
She loves treating in older and patients with chronic pain, she is able as well to treat pregnant women and children.
In her free time, Dr. Myriam Delamarre loves skiing, horseback riding, swimming and spending time with her little boy, Matteo.